Things to Stop Doing When You Quit Smoking

quitThe habit of smoking can be a big menace that many people struggle to stop. We are all looking for a permanent solution to get free from nicotine addiction. People who have experienced addiction to smoking usually struggle when looking for sustainable solutions to quit smoking. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the nature and working of nicotine addiction.

In this post, we look at common pitfalls that you should avoid to avoid reverting back to smoking.


Do not be impatient

It is a natural inclination to quit smoking and hope to get over it within a short while. That can be very nice in terms of ambitions, but you should not be over-ambitious. Quitting smoking happens, but happens with time. You should never be impatient. You should sit back and relax, and let time be your best friend.


Do not worry about the future

During the early days of smoking cessation, nicotine plays a lot of back and forth with our minds. You should not think about smoking all the time or the effect it will have on you in the future as you position yourself to live smoke-free. You should never panic about your smoke-free future. Put away your attention from a focus on how future life without a cigarette can be hard, as this will most likely influence you to fall back to smoking.


Do not be negative

negativeResearch shows that an average person has about 66,000 thoughts on any given day. Out of these thoughts, two-thirds of them are negative. In most cases, we tend to focus these negative thoughts on us. You need to start paying a key attention to all the thoughts in yourself and start eliminating the negative ones that do not add value to your life. You need to be kind to yourself and stop complaining about things that are not easy to change.


Do not neglect yourself

When you quit smoking, you should be extra careful that you do neglect yourself. You need to pay extra care on yourself and feel cared for and loved. You need to eat a well-balanced diet to flush out any remaining smoking toxins in your body. Get more sleep as nicotine withdrawal may leave you feeling fatigued. Drink a lot of water as water helps in detoxing your body. You should also exercise every day as it has a lot of physical and mental benefits.


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