How to Get in Control of Your Decisions

decisionsAre you aware that we always make several thousand decisions every day?  From deciding on what time to wake up, to wear, what to eat, when to report to work, what percentage of commission to offer to clients at Middle River Tow Truck, when to close business among others. The science of decision making is very interesting. Psychologists argue that there are two systems in the brain that collaborates to help us make a decision.

The first part is in charge of quick and automated responses. The second part of the brain is accountable for solving complex problems. It is involved with advanced mathematical formulae and deep processing. When our mental energy is compromised, our brains tend to make bad decisions. We tend also to make bad when we feel burned out of our jobs, when we have been overthinking and when we lack sleep.

When we have control of our decisions, we can make better decisions. Here are ways to regain control of your decisions.


Pause and assess situations

The simple act of pausing and assessing various situations can help you a lot from getting washed away by improper decisions. You need to give your brain enough time to evaluate situations so that you can make the right decisions. You need to give your brain enough time to evaluate various situations so that you can make the best decision. For bigger questions such as marriage, you may want to take time to weigh your options.


Don’t always rely on your gut

Initiation is what we normally call gut feeling and is one of the most basic instincts we focus on when faced with a challenging situation. A gut feeling helps us in identifying cues in a given environment and avoid danger so that we can survive. However, making your decisions entirely on gut feeling is not always a good thing. When it comes to a game of chances, you should not always rely on the gut feeling.


Narrow your options

The bigger the selection, the more the room to regret your actions. When you narrow your options, you stand a better chance to avoid picking something you are more likely to regret in the future.  For any given chance you have to make choices, be guided by a lot of thinking, calculations, and eliminations. Ask yourself what once choice will offer to you that another won’t. Narrow your selection as it will help in saving you a lot of stress and you will be happier for longer.

Ask the majority

Humans are creatures well known for liking bias. Although some of these bias can help us in making decisions, it is not always wise to follow them. One of the best ways when it comes to choosing the right decisions is asking for a second opinion. You might be having a very concrete choice, but it won’t hurt to ask a second person for an opinion.  Other ways of helping you make better decisions include avoiding burnout and overthinking. Make it a habit to put your decisions in writing as it can help you live better.


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